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Simply choose the font and colour you would like and change the quantity to suit. Then write down what labels you require in the notes section in the cart section. You can write whatever labels you would like cut (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen etc).

Sick of not being able to find anything in your pantry? Want your bathroom to be more organised? Or the kids and your husband just dont understand that things belong in certain places ?! 

Yeah, me too. So I decided to make my own labels to make it easier for everyone in the family to know where things go. This is super great if you have a little OCD like me.

These labels are made out of premium vinyl meaning they are long lasting. Whats also great about them is that they can be removed without leaving that annoying sticky residue that is super hard to clean off your containers. 

You will be provided with alcohol wipes to clean your surfaces and application instructions


The highest point for a font would be around 3cm - This is for Daylove and Sam Font
Word length will depend on the word
Can be used in the dishwasher however handwash is always recommended to keep the labels in mint condition.
Can be used on plastic, ceramics and glass 

If you need a long word you can cut it before application. For example Baking Powder (This will be also be charged as one label)

If you are wanting specific sizes then please send me an email or click on the chat button below to discuss.